How Kanye West Saved Him From Alcohol

How Kanye West Saved Him From Alcohol

It is no secret that Kanye West is one of the most known celebrities out there. He is a husband of famous socialite and business owners, Kim Kardashian, and shares four kids with her. In addition, he is known to be the rap and hip hop singer. However, if you’ve been following him on social media platforms, you would know that he is a big fan of god.

He has been constantly involved in arranging he Sunday services and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he has been showing off his love on multiple occasions. One such occasion is when he launched, “Jesus is King” merch to portray his love. On the other hand, the singer had been saturated with alcohol consumption and had issues being sober.

Kanye West and Interviews

The topping point is that Kanye West Merch is the open book for interviewers and he makes sure to share little details that leave his audience in awe. Similarly, in an interview with GQ Magazine, he was talking to Will Welch and was extraordinarily candid about things and even opened up about how hard time he had with alcohol consumption.

In addition, he talked about his love for his dear friend, Kobe Bryant and how he fell in a dark place after his demise. The interview was set up after three days of Kobe Bryant’s death, where he died due to the helicopter crash in California. According to Kanye West, Kobe was his best friend and his demise changed things for him.

Also, he said that Kobe was the basketball version of Kanye West and he, himself, is the rap version of Kobe Bryant. To back this up, he talked about his commercials with Kobe Bryant. In addition, he talked about his second life or a rebirth as a Christian. According to him, when someone isn’t into the service of God, the service will be open to other things.

The Famous Sunday Service

He also mentioned the spiritual nature of the Sunday service and that it holds immense importance in his eyes. The Sunday service was defined as the weekly gathering that was more like a part-time concert in the part-church choir. In addition, the Sunday service has big names like Justin Bieber and that’s what made his Sunday services popular.

Even more, when the news of Kobe Bryant’s death went public, Kanye West Merch Hoodie hosted an emergency Sunday service at midnight. According to Kanye, he has been surrounding himself with the healing by singing with his friends and family about Jesus. There were no judgments whatsoever about the belief of Christianity.

According to Kanye West, he doesn’t like the vibes of Church because there has been a negative environment about that. Also, Kanye West showed immense love for the service because it shows people that they have an anchor and it can help them heal. The best thing about this notion is that Kanye West has been to the hospital and back for this spark to come into the world.

The Entire Fiasco of Sunday Service and Getting Over Alcoholism

The interviewer asked him about how he settled the issues with anti-establishment ethos when it came to the religious organizations. However, Kanye West said that his love for Jesus should never be controlled if one cannot stop themselves from going to fashion houses of Paris if they are into clothes.

In addition, the famous rapper said that he has been called crazy for the deeds but he was never known as the functioning alcoholic. He mentioned that he was drinking Grey Goose and orange juice in the morning. So, Kanye intends to keep portraying his love for Christ because he owes him and he wants to be grateful for everything that he has been blessed with. In the same notion, Kanye West has been able to find more healthy options and headspace that also encouraged him to work on different types of art and music. He has made it back from the addiction and has managed to beat the predictions. On top of everything, the fictions have been brought to reality with Kanye West’s ability to fix the drinking issue!

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