Kanye west Social Media Followers

Kanye west Social Media Followers

It is no secret that Kanye West has been under some incredible limelight and people have been following him for his rap and hip-hop music. In addition, he has launched multiple merch and invested in several businesses which have become another factor for his huge following. On top of everything, he is famous for the weekly Sunday services.

With these notions, it is needless to say that his social media following is huge but he has always some opinions about social media. It is no secret that Kanye West Merch has major number of tweets under his name and he has tweeted some confounding things in the part. For instance, there was a time when he tweeted about Bill Cosby’s innocence in the capital fonts.

The list is literally endless. On top of everything, if we are being honest, you will find yourself nodding to his tweets because there have been some insightful ones recently. In the same vein, people have been seeing the tweets about how social media platforms show the number of followers on the profile or home page.

According to Kanye West, social media platforms should always provide some liberty to the users, so they can hide the number of followers from the public eyes. In addition, the faves, retweets, and likes along with engagement should be hidden, or at least, the users should have the option to keep it private.

On the other hand, these numbers of followers and likes will help check the credibility of the profile. But there are always exceptions because there are some Twitter accounts with millions of followers but the content is not up to the mark. It is obvious that Twitter has been playing the calculation game because there are small audiences, watching the content and see if the numbers are rising.

In addition, there was a video tweet by Kanye West that urged the youth and young social media users to quit or turn off the social media. According to Washington, he intend to be liked by 16 million people now, rather than just being liked. It is pretty obvious that the metric-free social media handles are pretty old and is not the new concept.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – DECEMBER 02: Kanye West attends the the Versace fall 2019 fashion show at the American Stock Exchange Building in lower Manhattan on December 02, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

According to Kanye West Merch Hoodie, he has been eyeing the tweets with few and the higher numbers of likes and it is no secret that people tend to create a perception of some account based on the number of followers. It is essential to acknowledge to Snapchat doesn’t have the upfront or front-facing metrics. In addition, Kim Kardashian has been all roars for her husband.

This is because they think that Kanye West could start the public Snapchat account which is pretty contrary to his wife, since she has a public Snapchat account. In addition, there are chances that her Snapchat location was the reason of thieves putting Kim Kardashian at gunpoint back in the year 2016 when she was lounging in her Paris apartment.

Age of Social Media

To be honest, the downsides associated with increased social media consumption are known to everyone because social media networks are playing with mental health and people need to be protected from the thought of the number of followers and likes. Also, Kanye West has been pretty serious about this and has been meeting the social media handle owners to undermine such public metrics. On top of everything, the statements passed by Kanye West shows that the tech giants are listening to him and nodding to the idea. The campaign has been pretty active and the audience gets teeny updates through Instagram posts and tweets. The prime notion started because he understood that people are committing suicide only because the number of likes on a post wasn’t enough!

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